What’s next?

March 7, 2017 was day like no other. At 1:22PM, I answered the phone and it was the most awesome adoption worker in all the land (here’s looking at you Stephanie) telling me that we had a referral of a little girl and that she was about to turn 6 months old. Thankfully, Zach was working from home that day and I was able to put the phone on speaker as we both listened in awe.

I honestly always dreamed of the day we would find out, and how I would finally be able to blog all about it! But I’ve kind of been at a loss for words. There is so much that is sacred. Adoption is full of excitement and joy but also incredible loss. This is her story and I want her to be the one to tell it someday, if and when she’s ready. What I will say is that she’s the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen and I fell in love with her in an instant!  Every time I look at her pictures, I love her with a love that is deeper than I can even explain.  I always wondered how I would feel when we got “the call”, and now I know.  It was the same feeling I had when we finally found out we were pregnant after so many years of infertility. The same exact feeling. Pure excitement and joy.

God is so cool, you guys. From the way he called us from domestic adoption to Korea, to the way he grew such a love in our hearts for a little girl that we haven’t even met. He has been in the details every step of the way. He moved our hearts towards Korea and we officially made the switch from domestic adoption just a week before she was born! Even the story of how we named her has God moments and confirmations woven throughout it!  Oh how I wish I could share her picture with you all!  Because of adoption laws, we can’t share any identifying information, including pictures, until the adoption is finalized.  You will just have to take my word for it, she’s an absolute sweetheart.

So, what’s next?! That’s the question everyone is asking and I will do my best to explain what the process looks like from here on out. In a nutshell, more waiting. The next step is for her to be submitted for an EP (Emigration Permit) in Korea. The way this works is that they submit these requests in batches, or groups, every couple of months.  So, essentially, we’re waiting for her group to be called.  Once that happens, it’s usually a couple more months before EP approval. Once we find out that her EP is approved, we will then be submitted for a court date in Korea. The court date is usually a couple of months after that. Once we receive our court date, we will travel to Korea for about a week to meet sweet pea and to attend court.  We will then return home, without her, and wait for a custody date and visa appointment. Once we have that date, we will fly back to Korea to bring her home!  When all is said and done, we are looking at about 10 months (give or take) until everything is finalized and we can bring her home.

In the meantime, we are just going to do our best to wait patiently. We are going to focus on our little buddy and enjoy our family of three. We are going to attempt to learn more Korean. We are going to start researching and planning what we want to do and see while we are in Korea. We are going to work on a room fit for a princess.

We are also going to have to trust and pray, a lot. Please pray with us. Pray for the process to go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Pray for her and for her foster parents. Pray for South Korea. Pray for us. Pray for her first mommy.

Also, thank you. To everyone who has been praying for us, supporting us, and following along on this incredible journey. There are not enough words to express our gratitude.






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