Adoption Update

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog update! It seems like I’ve been spending every free moment I have researching and applying for adoption grants. The grant application process is no joke and soooo time consuming! Let’s just hope it pays off! It takes about 60-90 days to hear back from the grant organizations so that’s yet another thing to try to wait patiently for!  🙂

We have also had a few “potential” adoption situations (that we know about) in the last couple of months! The first one was a phone call saying that the baby would be born that night or the next day!  Needless to say, that day was filled with a lot of different emotions and we were trying to prepare ourselves to jump in the car and drive to the next state over while at the same time trying not to get our hopes up. It was a crazy day! Ultimately, we got a phone call that evening telling us that our family wouldn’t be the one chosen because the baby’s birth mom decided she only wanted a family who didn’t already have children. There have been two other situations similar in the fact that the baby was about to be born but for one reason or another, neither situation was the plan God had for our family.

What I’ve been learning so far in this crazy, exciting, and somewhat frustrating adoption journey is that it could literally happen any minute or it could take who knows how long!  I mean, I knew that, but getting those phone calls where the babies were about to be born has been a real eye opener!  So many things are completely out of our control and out of our hands.  We have to just completely trust that God will bring the right child into our family at the right time. Imagine that!  But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that every time my phone rings, I get a flutter of excitement and hope to see that it’s our agency calling. So please, people, try hard not to butt dial me. 🙂

I feel like I’ve been nesting a lot – kinda just like in pregnancy.  I’ve been pulling baby clothes and swaddle blankets out of storage and washing a few pieces here and there. Little by little, our nursery is getting put together.  It’s far from done but at least it’s ready for a baby should it happen soon.  It’s so weird not knowing if our next child will be a son or a daughter!   I see a lot of nursery decor, curtains, and painting happening after baby Simms comes home.  Major props to ya’ll who choose not to find out what you’re having!


As we’ve been prepping the nursery, we’ve also been transforming Josiah’s room into more of a “big boy” room.  Of course, we are doing it on the cheap!  😉 I literally just painted an old dresser and mirror that we already had, a picture frame I pulled out of storage, his kids table and chairs, and two of his Ikea spike racks turned book shelves with one of those little $4.00 paint samples from Lowes.  I honestly didn’t set out to paint all of that with one of those tiny little samples but, hey, it worked!  I’ll have to post about all of my latest DIYs soon.  Oh, and I couldn’t resist blowing this picture up from last halloween and putting it above where his superhero capes are going to hang. 🙂


Regarding fundraising, we are excited to announce that we just opened a Pure Charity fundraising page which is how we will collect donations from here on out, including puzzle piece donations.  The only exception right now is our Just Love Coffee fundraiser.  We decided to use Pure Charity after researching the different crowdfunding platforms out there.  Not only are their fees the lowest, they also allow for donations to be tax-deductible.  Now, every donation made towards our adoption through our Pure Charity site will go directly to our non-profit adoption agency, which makes the donations eligible to be tax-deductible!  We are so excited about this!  Would you please consider sharing our Pure Charity link with everyone you know?!

And now, for a little adoption puzzle update, it’s a little over halfway complete!  Look at all those names!  Only 245 more pieces to go!!!!  The other day, I saw a picture of a sweet little girl sitting next to her completed adoption puzzle after her adoption was finalized.  I can’t wait to take a picture like that some day! 🙂


In other news, Josiah turned three a couple of weeks ago and I can’t believe it!  He’s so smart and is starting to understand more and more about the baby, I think.  He loves to go into the nursery and play with the baby’s toys.  Anytime someone comes over to our house, he gets excited to show them his room and is starting to show them the baby’s room too. I’m thinking he’s going to make an awesome big brother!  🙂

FullSizeRender 3

There have been some other fun and exciting things happening around here and I can’t wait to share more about them in a future blog post! 🙂

Until then….




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