Our Profile Book Is Done!!!

We finally finished our family profile book and letter to expectant parents. Whew!  It was definitely a labor of love.  I decided to look around on Pinterest for inspiration and came across a couple of different people who used Mixbook and thought I’d give it a whirl.  I am so glad I did.  I got our copy of the book yesterday and I am BLOWN AWAY by the quality!  The paper quality is awesome and the picture quality is amazing. I will be a customer for life!!! And no, they aren’t paying me anything to say this or giving me any freebies (although that would be nice).

We had to order several copies for our adoption agency because they have offices in four different states.  Once the other books come in (hopefully today), we will say a prayer over them (well, over the expectant parents that will be looking through them) and mail them off to our agency. So exciting!  Because it was really helpful for me to see examples of other people’s books, I’ve decided to share mine here in case anyone needs some inspiration in the future. Because I’m not a professional photographer and know nada about good lighting, these pictures I took really don’t do the book justice. For some reason the exposure looks way off.  Just trust me, it looks awesome in person. 🙂















So, in case you ever wondered, that’s what a profile book looks like!  If you made it into our book, yippee!  If not, please know that there were so many people we would have liked to have been able to include in our book. We spent hours trying to decide what pictures to use and had to leave out a ton more than we wanted to. We feel so blessed that we have so many great friends and family members and wish we could have shown each and every one of your faces! Thank you for supporting us through this incredible journey.  If you would, please pray with us that every single expectant mother and/or father who looks at our book would have peace and wisdom to make whatever decision is right for them.  Please also pray for us to have patience while we wait. 🙂

Speaking of books, Josiah’s Gigi and Papa got our someday baby a couple of really precious books!  I love that there are so many good books about adoption out there for little ones. I can’t wait to read these to our sweet baby.


Do you see those puzzle pieces that snuck in the bottom of that picture?  That’s our fundraiser puzzle!  Several people have asked us how the puzzle fundraiser is going and, I have to say, we have been so blessed to see the support we’ve been shown so far. We are having so much fun writing your names on the back of each piece and watching the puzzle slowly come together.  We figured we should make some sort of fundraiser thermometer or donation tracker so I asked Zach to whip one up.  Of course he went and got all artsy fartsy on me and made a tracker that looks like our puzzle (show off)!  Each time a piece gets sponsored, it will be reflected on our tracker and everyone will be able to see our puzzle come together.  How fun is that?!  As you can see, we have A LOT more pieces that need to be sponsored before this thing is complete.  We tried to make this doable for most people by keeping the price for each piece at a minimum of just $10.00.  Ten dollars might not seem like a lot, but everything helps!  Just think, if 500 people gave $10.00, that would be $5,000.00! I got mad math skilz, ya’ll.  But seriously, that’s not chump change! It would actually be a huge blessing and make a good dent in our goal of funding our adoption debt free. If you are interested in sponsoring a piece of our puzzle, you can visit our fundraising page here.


It’s almost Friday, ya’ll!  Which means, it’s almost the weekend.  Woohoooooo!










6 thoughts on “Our Profile Book Is Done!!!

  1. Christiana Salsman

    Oh my word! I was just looking at your profile last night on the agency website trying to figure out our look book! Praying for you!

  2. Erin

    This is going to seem super crazy, but my husband and I live in a small town in Illinois (near normal). We have been struggling with infertility for years and also love Jesus and strive to serve him with our whole being. I’ve been thinking and praying about adoption for a while . Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

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